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For so many of us, diet and exercise aren’t enough to slim down certain parts of our body. Thankfully, advances in technology give us the added boost to take our bodies to the next level – by jump starting the fat reduction process. i-Lipo is one of these tools that is helping numerous women and men as they dramatically reshape their bodies
This revolutionary system uses low-level laser energy to reduce fat, smooth cellulite, and contour the body. i-Lipo can reshape individual problem areas that are difficult to target through exercise alone. Areas like the abdomen, thighs, upper back, saddle bags, neck, arms, and calves can all be safely treated with i-Lipo. i-Lipo is a safe and non-invasive alternative to liposuction with no pain, surgery, or down-time

i-Lipo and Exercise: Combining Fitness with Fat Reduction


In many cases, results from an i-Lipo treatment are immediately noticeable and improve after each session. Over the course of eight i-Lipo treatments, you will experience reduced cellulite and a pleasing reshaping of the body.

Clinical studies reveal that i-Lipo’s results are comparable to those attained through liposuction surgery, which is pretty remarkable. Studies have revealed a 30% reduction in the depth of the fat layer after a single treatment.

I-Lipo results can be long-term, provided that you maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine. However, additional i-Lipo treatments can be performed to resolve over-indulgences that are so common with our stressful lives.

Cellulite Reduction: Combining Treatments for Maximum Results

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What is the Process Like?

The i-Lipo treatment is fast and simple, taking only 30 minutes to complete. The technician will apply pads to the targeted area like the abdomen, thighs, chin, or upper arms. The pads then inundate the area with low-level laser energy. Many people find this experience relaxing and comfortable.

It is recommended that people exercise after their treatment to accelerate the process of fat removal. This post-treatment exercise will ensure that the fat is excreted through the lymphatic system. If the broken-down fat doesn’t exit the body within a few hours, it can be reabsorbed.



i-Lipo treatment involves a laser that stimulates the body’s natural process of releasing stored content in fat cells. By emitting low levels of energy, the i-Lipo system activates a chemical signal in the fat cells. This reaction releases the fatty acids though the cell membranes. The fatty acids and glycerol are then transported throughout the body to tissues that will use them for energy production (through the metabolic system). This process of fatty acid release occurs naturally when the body needs to tap stored energy reserves. Therefore i-Lipo is simply activating a natural bodily response.

We recommend eight sessions in total, with two treatments per week within a four-week period. Typically one area is treated per session to maximize results. And as with any body contouring procedure, results are optimized through maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Unlike liposuction, the i-Lipo treatment isn’t recommended for considerable weight loss. If you’re within 30-40 lbs of your goal weight, and want to target specific areas, this procedure is ideal. i-Lipo isn’t recommended for those with diabetes, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or have a history of malignancy.

The i-Lipo procedure is safe, painless, and FDA approved. Independent clinical studies have shown positive results with no known side effects. The i-Lipo laser simply activates a natural bodily process. If you have any concerns, however, we recommend that you consult with your physician beforehand.

There is no downtime and you can return to normal activity immediately following each session.